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    Supermanned my GTI today

    So I went to mow my lawn today, and it was just to humid. I decided to take out the old jet ski instead. I went to Elizabeth Lake, I just bought my first house two blocks down from the beach. I sold my Polaris last summer, with the intent of buying some ridiculously fast ski. I was thinking about a HSR or a PX. My girlfriend is pregnant, so now all the extra money goes to that lately. In my boredom over the winter, I decided to put some work into the GTI I had bought her. Resonator bypass, bilge pump. Since it is the only ski we have now, and she can't ride it, I decided to make it a little less girly. Took off some of the graphics, painted some black stripes on the hood and put a Rotax Inside sticker on the hood. So I took it out today and beat the crap out of it trying to burn through the winter gas. I supermanned that bad boy all the way across the lake, perfect conditions. Almost lost it a couple times, but I got 54.9 on the GPS!

    All in all it was a fun day, but throwing that thing around like a Pro 785 is a lot of work. I forgot how dam big it is. Since everyone likes pics, here are some. Think I will put on a black seat cover and call it a day as far as trying to man it up a little. Maybe a few other mods, intake grate and some flow rites. The engine compartment gets so dang hot. Either way, I am glad summer has finally hit in Michigan and I am back on the water.
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    HELLLS YEAH!!! Summer's back in force right now! Hot and humid! I've only taken my new ski out two days this year so far. I will usually tow it out to a friend's lake house in Lakeland (out by Pinkney/Brighton area). "Chain O' Lakes" out there with 8 different nice sized lakes all connected together by the Huron River. That's where the other skis and boats are anyways. I've considered putting in at Cass Lake a couple of times and did run the Jet boat and Hondas at Sylvan Lake before (man that free boat launch for Sylvan is scary going under Telegraph!). What's the best lake around there to ski on? Do PWCer's prefer Elizabeth Lk. over Cass? How about Orchard? Orchard lake looks nice when driving around it.

    That GTi is a 4-Tec isn't it? Is it the 130HP or the 155HP 4-tec? Either way, 54.9 GPS is pretty good I would think for stock. Wonder if there are any good free mods for that thing... like the "spark arrestor inside the intake manifold" removal thing. I know this shows considerable gains on the supercharged skis that have them.

    And Yes, starting to look less girly for sure. Are you thinking just a straight black seat cover, or something with some yellow highlights? I removed a couple of stickers from the P-X yesterday, and applied my reg. numbers. Things like the "3-star carb cert" and the "Rotax 4-tec" stickers. Couldn't they just put "SuperCharged" or something like that instead? If all Sea-doos are 4-tecs now, then why....

    I'll be out on the water this weekend at the "lake house", but it would be nice to have somewhere close to ski (I'm in the Royal Oak, Troy, Bloomfield, Birmingham area).

    Oh.. and YAY!!!!!! Have a shit-ton of SAFE fun this summer.

    -=Mike G.
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    Yeah, it is defintely hot today, car said 97 on the way home. It is actually ridiculous. Waiting for the girlfriend to come home with the tow vehicle (just a 06 sportage) so I can go. Actually, as far as lakes go, Pontiac Lake (in Waterford) is becasue it is huge. Williams Lake in Waterford is my favorite, but there is no public access and it is a pain hooking up with a friend going to get on. It's so dam clean though. I like Elizabeth Lake so far. Pretty big, easy to stay out of others' way when you want to fool around. Have never been on Cass Lake, even though they are very close. Just thinking all black for the seat, it has enough yellow as it is. And I don't want to go too crazy, so if I ever get rid of it one day it will sell easier. Don't want it to look like I raced it or anything. If I sell it whoever buys it is going to want a family ski, since that is what it really is. It is only the 130hp version. We tube with it and everything. Probably gonna have to buy a boat. Girlfriend really wants one and it more fun as far as entertaining goes. Plus, the association I belong to has a marina license so you can dock it all summer. If you ever want on Elizabeth Lake I can get you in, I'm not sure if there is public access anywhere or not.

    Gotta love the summer finally here!

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