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    What should I expect........

    I have a 2007 C 180.

    My brother is installing larger housing and Riva impeller 42 lb injectors 4" intake solas 14/19 prop and steel washers. Boat ran 43mph according to the dreamometer. Never GPS it. During the blower overhaul found that the blower was slipping and not making full boost. I am excited to find out this weekend how it is going to run. By the way top speed # was acheived with 3 adults and 3/4 tank of gas.
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    Mine runs 51 mph max in cold water with a green wheel, custom intake, and 14/19r solas. It ran about 46 MPH when stock but I also had my pump shoe replaced because it was so out of line with the engine. This helped with the speed increase.
    The speedos also read on the low side of the scale. Mine was reading -10 MPH before I calibrated it to my GPS. I dont think you can calibrate the 07s though as they are digital.
    I didn't see aftermarket intercooler in the list anywhere but if you are only adding a boost wheel you won't need the 42 lbs injectors. Also what do you mean by ported housing?

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