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    Rude, RRFPR, stock ecu problems! HELP

    I installed a Rude supercharger, Rude RRFPR, and a 15/20 out of the box last night on my girlfriends ski. Everything else is stock. FPR is tapped into the nipple second runner on intake manifold. Set base pressure to 60psi- everything seemed to be good. There is a small gap under regulator, but the metal fitting that goes over it fits on very nice and tight.

    First pull on throttle and it ran great- for about 15 seconds. It then seemed to sputter a little and rpms would vary. Nothing higher than like 6700 or so. I would hold it wide open and the rpms seemed to vary and jump around sporadically. After about 40 mins of checking and testing, checking, changing, testing- it ran great for like 2 mins. I was seeing flashes of 7800-7900rpms. It just seemed to come alive. Then after the good 2 minutes, it then would only rev to a steady 5000-5100rpm and back on the trailer it went.

    The ski has been sitting over winter. It had about 2 gallons of gas-- I added about 9-10 into today. The plugs in it look good as well. I am hoping it is just plugs and crappy gas. Any thoughts?? I am confused!

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    change the plugs add new gas

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    in the works--- thanks! It was a very frustrating day!

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    anymore thoughts?? thanks

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    started my ski today on the hose looking for water leakes after sitting all winter it had about 3-4 gal of fuel with stablizer in it it ran good for a couple of min but then it cough black smoke poured out and it shut off started it back real quick and it missed and sputtered at half throttle. got the water off put in new plugs and fresh fuel. took her out and she ran great all afternoon.

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    I changed both gas and the spark plugs. I then pulled plugs and connected them back up out of the cylinder. There are all 3 firing.

    The ski runs fine, but only revs to 5000rpms.

    When you first pull the throttle to WOT- it flashes to 6150 or so for just a second and then right back to 5000.

    If i ease on the throttle, it will go up to 6200. If rpms go over 6200-- it goes right back to 5000.

    Slipping clutch?? map sensor?? thanks

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    Well, you can rule out a slipping clutch, because if it was slipping 100%, you'd still get a solid 6500rpms out of 'er. I know it's a pain, but I'd put the stock regulator back on and see how it runs; should be OK for a few minutes, at least enough to know if the problems lies there.

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    I was going to do that-- it seems hooked up properly. I tapped the nipple on runner #2. Set at 60psi when put the key on.

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    anymore help>????

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    Quote Originally Posted by codymouse54321 View Post
    anymore help>????


    When I installed my rrfpr I noticed it wasnt down all the way until I put the oem stainless clip back on... When I installed the clip it actually pushed it down all the way.. I dunno if maybe yours didn't go down all the way?

    Other then that I tapped directly off of the intercooler block off... mainly because it just seems like a better way of doing it.. IMO.. Honestly I don't know for sure if the vac/boost readings could be different.

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