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    power inverter/air compressor?

    What have you all found is the best way in inflate your tube/rafts on the boat? I have a huge tube that is a pain to have on the boat fully inflated if we are not using it. I bought a power invertor but it doesn't see to want to work with any air compressor I try plugging into it. Does the boat have to be running for the power port in the glove compartment to work properly?

    Anyway, I want to be able to QUICLY inflate/deflate the tube when we want to use it and stow it in teh ski locker when we aren't. I don't want to have to have the engine running...because most of the time I want to inflate something...we are anchored at the inlet.

    Recommendations please.

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    Shop online at the boat stores for a high flow 3 PSI 12V inflator. They are out there about $60. I bought a cheapy $10 model. Doesn't quite get enought pressure int eh tube, but it works.

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    I bought a coleman air matress for about 50 bucks from what I recall. It it came with a pump that has a rechargeable battery. Sounds like a rattly hair dryer but it inflates my two person tube in about 3 minutes. The battery will last about three tube fills before requireing a recharge.

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    colman 12v high volume inflator works great.
    plug it in to your lighter and about 3 minutes "big birtha" is full (6' tube).....

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    I used to run a portable power inverter off my cigarette lighter in the glove box and I ALWAYS was blowing fuses. I ended up installing a permanent power inverter in the boat. It uses a regular GFI AC outlet. I just plug in my deflater/inflater into it and it runs like a charm.....No worries here.
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    I have my portable power inverter running from my cigarette lighter and dont blow any fuses cause I rewired it direct to the on side of my battery switch (through a 10amp fusable link of course). I did this not cause I was blowing fuses but because it seems BRP never provided power to it in the first place. I traced the positive wire back to the fuse panel and had no blown fuses but no power either. SNIP....

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