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    Update on 96 XP800 Stator Replacement

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions on diagnosing my electrical issues. I just recieved my rebuilt stator today and it looks a lot better than the old one. Just a quick run down of what happened. While out on the water last summer my battery light came on just as I started into the ride. I checked all wiring, replaced all the electronics and front gray box as an assembly and swaped out the start solenoid. The very last thing to look into was the stator. On that note thanks a lot for the parts MILLER PHASE 3 1050, I'm looking forward to getting them out on the water, and thanks 96XPSS for all the tech support. The old stator was shot and I'm sure the pic tells all lol. I will be installing that primer kit very soon too. So here is the pic of the replacement stator. I like that they packed the wires with expoy to seal them from contacting the windings. A nice plus, it comes with a one year warranty. Thanks again guys.
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    Your welcome! Anything to get a fellow dooer back on the water with a grin on your face.

    Some things are priceless...

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    didnt know someone rebuilds them, who and how much ?

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    RM Stator. Mine cost me 150 to have rebuilt. Check them out if you like at

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    how did u know it was the stator?

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    Actually it was the last thing I replaced. The last time I took it out I was on the water for about 15 minutes and the battery light came on. I made it home and tested the battery, it was fine. I disconnected it and tested wiring for shorts...never found any and went to hook it back up to find a huge arcing to the battery. I know 96XPSS mentioned that it is normal to get a very small sparking when hooking up the battery but this was like what you see on a spark plug haha So I traced the wiring, followed it back to one yellow lead leaving the stator going into the regulator/rectifier. I bought a new one of those, same problem. Then I thought it was the MPEM, so I bought all new electronics (thanks again Miller Phase 3 1050) After all that I only had the stator left lol. I just installed the new one yesterday and no more excessive arcing to the battery.

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    News regarding the new stator haha! I had 45 seconds of run time and melted the new stator. I did notice a black lead which screwed to the laminated core on the inner back of the stator somehow became pinched when I installed it. Would that have been the reason for the melt down? I tested both my DC-CDI units and both have the exact same resistance values. I think the service manual isn't right, the values they showed were nothing near what I was seeing. But the ski ran really well for that 20 seconds it was on the water haha. The stator is an output only system, would there be any other variables that could make it melt down in less than a minute? I don't think there are any short-to-ground wires through my hull, but if there were a fuse would blow before anything else right? Thanks for the input guys, keep it coming

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    Hey Schwartz!

    What was outcome of your stator failure?

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