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    Mikuni Oil Pump for SL780 1996

    Were can I get information on the oil pump the pump in the manual is not the same it do not work with a cable. I took it apart and can not get it assemble again.

    There is a small pin that I can not find a place for it.


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    There is a rod that goes from the carb linkage to an arm on the pump. Its between the CEN & PTO carbs. Should be a pic in the manual.

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    Is it best to go pre mix?

    And if so do I need to use the block kit or kan I just block of the inlet and outlet of the pump? Or leaf it like is and use premix?

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    If you go premix, it would be best if you remove the pump. The pump is lubricated by the oil it pumps. If its not lubricated, it can lock up and create bigger problems.

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