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    WTB: SL 750 pistons, cylinders, heads

    Looking for a set of pistons, cylinders and heads from a sl 750.

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    click the link at the bottom of my sig

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    I have two 750 cylinders and cylinder heads. Let me know if you want them.

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    thanks zman.

    i do have many 750 cyls, and heads here on hand. many, std bore, honed, excellent shape, ready to go on. 75.00 ea, or 200.00 for a set of three

    same with heads. 25.00 ea, or 50.00 for three with purchase of cyls.

    i can order a WSM top end kit, with three pistons, all rings, pins, clips bearings, and top end gasket kit. 300.00 + s&h from WSM

    all + s&h.

    lee, i know you sent me an email earlier. thank you.

    i also have a 750 motor here, that will be ready for sale soon. ( short block)

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