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    MSX 150 Oil tank

    Has anyone ever taken the oil tank apart? What will happen if I remove the Factory Band and seperate the tank? Can you put it back togeather and use a regular band to hold it?


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    Why is it that you need to take the oil tank apart? I had mine apart but only to clean it due to oil and water mixing. Tricky to seperate, you need to support the aluminum upper half while gently and carefully tapping the lower plastic reservoir of, inside it there is a baffle, make sure it's secured and in correct orientation or you will not be able to insert the dipstick. Also make sure the tabs for the baffle are spread out far enough so it will not come loose. Inspect the 2 o-rings that seal the aluminum upper tank to the plastic lower tank, lubricate these seals upon installation, I do not believe these seals are sold seperately from Polaris. To install the 2 halves back together, support the lower plastic tank on 2 pieces of 2x4's so the oil outlet nipple from the tank is not contacting your work area and with a rubber mallet tap the upper tank back in place till the ridge of the plastic tank snaps into the groove of the aluminum upper tank. You can pick up a stainless strap clamp at a plumbing supply store, it will hold the tank together with no problem, but before you install it, make sure you pressurize it to make sure there will be no water leaking into your oil. Good luck

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    Or you can buy a good used one from Jay at Atlantic Powersports.

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