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    951 or twin 720s?

    Just wondering which boat performs better. ie. top speed, hole shot. I understand the twin has a bit more hp, but im just curious if the added weight of another engine hinders any benefits of it.

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    single has bigger pump (I think)

    later cd

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    Twin 720's - 170 hp.
    Single 951 - 120-130 hp, cant remember.
    I have always heard the twin model has more performance and better manuverability. I think the extra 40 or 50 hp on the twin model is more than enough to overcome the weight of the second engine.
    Downside... If any engine or pump mods/maintenance is needed, your expenses are doubled.

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    I believe the 951 has either 110 or 130.

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    twin vs single

    The twin 720 is way quicker. Two pumps more than makes up for the extra
    100lbs. The 951 boats have 130, a little bigger pump, but still only one. The
    951 DI is a fuel sipper and very smooth. 110 hp boats have the 800. Very
    loud. 85 hp have the 720, do able but pretty tame. 95 and 94 twin had the
    657X in the twins, 80hp per. The single is out there too.
    The twin boats rip hard, but the 951 boats are decently quick, and a little
    lighter. Twin 14.5 from 96 up are more desirable because they have the larger
    720 and twin intakes. Fuel burn at cruise is decent, turning and burning will
    drink fuel. But having owned a couple of them, I can tell you it is worth the

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    twin motors equate to more fun. Spin faster, pull better and so. The new 215 speedster is slightly faster on top.

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