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    help finding

    Im sorry if this is already posted but I tried looking. I hear all this about grinding/cutting down the intake grate? making it flush or something? Is there a post already on it? Or better yet a write up or how to thread?

    Also the same thing with the reverse bucket trim?

    Either of these worth it?

    P.S. I have an 06 RXT

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    Trueing the grate or making the surface as flush as possible is typically a mod for those with aftermarket grates.

    Trimming a bit of the reverse bucket is a mod for those with a pump wedge installed.

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    It all helps, as do all the free mods.
    I have a friend who was doing back to back testing on his Ultra 250. He was swapping out intakegrates and making speed runs. At one point his speed dropped 1 1/2 mph and his ski started pulling to the right. He immediately removed his ski from the water and inspected his hull. What he found was, that somehow during the process of installing the intakegrate his 1/4 inch driver was still retained in of the intakegrate's screws. Don't ask me how it stayed there with all the force of the water, but it did. He removed it and went back out on the water. His Ultra's regained the 1 1/2 mph it had lost and no longer pulled to the right. We were really amazed, because it was hard to believe that something so small would impact the speed and handling characteristics of his ski. The driver only hung down half an inch or so but caused a lot of havoc.
    I have always matched the intakegrate to the rideplate, used silicone where necessary and sanded (feathered) any chips and dings to make less drag. Water is brutal at the speeds we are going today, its like a chisel as Mr. Friebe calls it. I have attached a picture when this was discovered.
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