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    WaveRaider 700 Fuel Issue

    Hello all, just want to introduce myself first. From North Carolina and am riding a bone stock raider in salt water. Love the ski, have only had a steering cable break (thats an interesting story, taking only left hand turns home!) since acquiring in 2002 but am now having what I think is a fuel issue.

    The ski seems to not be getting gas when first starting, full choke and it will just not turn over. I am believing it is fuel related because I took the cover off the intake, pulled the choke out which closed the butterfly valve, and put my finger over the hole so it would have to suck more fuel and it started right up. After running rough for about 30 seconds it was no longer a problem, and starting after it was warm was also not a problem. What do you think this could be?

    Also, this issue could be related...after idling for roughly 3 minutes and then immediately giving full throttle (pulling a skier up) the ski would die. It has done this multiple times. My grandfather suggested it could be a accelerator pump, I don't really know what that is (he briefly explained it) or even if the ski has one.

    I look forward to learning from this forum and hearing y'alls opinions!

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    your ski doesn't have an accell pump! but I would check the 1 way valve at the fuel tank! follow the water trap back to the tank and find the valve, remove it an blow both ways thru it ! if you don't feel resistance in 1 direction it's toast, it's job is to maintain a certain psi in the tank to help start and run the carb circuit
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    Thanks for the diagram and info, I did some further investigation, based on your suspicion but I do not think that is the problem, when i unscrewed the gas cap it had pressure so it works in that direction at least, and it has to be letting air in because the ski runs over long periods of time without issue.

    While I was looking around in that area I checked out the fuel sediment bowl and noticed it had a bunch of trash in it so i pulled it and dumped it out. I think some trash may have got caught in the line but I think more may be in the tank so I plan on taking it out and cleaning it out.

    Do these skis have a fuel filter, or just the sediment bowl? Where would I find the filter?

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