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    CR9EIX Spark Plugs at Advance Auto!

    Hey guys, I went to the store to pick up some emergency CR9EK plugs just incase I broke down somewhere. None of the stores in the local area had any stock on the CR9EK plugs.

    So I had him search for the CR9EIX and low and behold, one of the stores had 8 of them! Kinda nice knowing i didn't have order them.

    I have been through 3 sets of the PMB9R plugs with no luck over 15 hours each set, so i cant wait to try something else.

    I plan on bringing my ski to get the factory plugs changed out from Kawasaki, but I have no faith in the local dealer/shop because if you call and talk to a tech and they think the ultra 250x is a bike, I get nervous lol. They gave me a filter for one of their bikes....UGH....Thank god for being able to look up your own part numbers.


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    Yeah if your dealer is anything like my old one, they are complete idiots. Some of these dealers arent too familiar with their products. I got a spare set of plugs off ebay.

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    I picked mine up from them last year as well.

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    the cr9eix are good plugs..however i did notice that my rpms were down 100-150 rpms..stock ones went back in. keep those for spares or toubleshooting

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