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    Smile Titanium Sc Washers

    I just got off the phone w/BRP & found out that all the new SC rebuild kits will be coming with the 08' Titanium washers.I'm talking about the kits for 06' & 07' SC models.It only took them 4 years to get off their ass & see the light.I asked him point blank did this have to do at all w/the work & involvement of Riva,he said yes.also as a note there are still some old kits out there w/ceramic washers,have your dealer/yourself make sure you get the updated kit.

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    The old ceramic washer kits have been discontinued but some dealers will have old stock. Try to avoid these kits at all costs unless you plan to upgrade to the Riva washers.

    This is the new kit with metal washers

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