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    Angry How get off STXR 1200 PROP???? HELP

    I pulled off my pump today and the pump came off but the prop/driveshaft is attached to the coupler inside and does slide out like my GPR, how does it come off so i can take the driveshaft/prop assembly out??

    Many thanks

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    On the pump go to the pump cone. You need to first remove the black pump cone cap with a allen. Then pull the cone off. If you cant pull it off put a spacer in between the cone and the black cap and put the cap on slowely and it will push the cone off.

    Once the cone is off then you have access to the prop shaft. You can hold it wise a vise or big cresent wrench. I mean big as in 14" or bigger.

    Then you need the prop tool and twist the prop off going conterclockwise if your looking at the prop.

    Hope this helps.

    When putting the prop back on make sure you put it on tight and tourqe it ...not like a gpr pump where you can spin the prop on snug and let the water and motor do the rest.

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    I'm hoping I'm reading this wrong cause it sounds like your impeller is still attached to the driveshaft....IS that Right? It's supposed to be threaded on the shaft in the pump. If its the way its supposed to be then you take the tail cone off and put the shaft in a vice and you get the impeller tool and back the prop off

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