Alright so its a 2001 GP1200r It ran great up until a few weeks ago. Its started this "some times I will fire and some time I wont" Bull shnit! It will turn over when the start button is pushed but has no spark and the gauge on the dash wont turn on. There is about 8 volts coming out of the pick up coil (W/R and B/O wires, spec is 5v) and it is not grounded out, so the stator is good. Also the green wire coming from the CDI, which is the sensor [on] wire for the gauge has 0v coming out when turning over. The cdi makes a high pitch whine noise when your turning the motor over and continues for a few seconds after you let off the green button, and it stops when you hit the stop button. So Im guessing the whine noise is supposed to have something to do with [on] wire for the gauge.
There is also 0v coming out on the primary wires.
All fuses are good and voltage is going to all 5 or 6 connectors coming from them.

I dont know this ign system, Im guessing it has to be battery driven as there is no charge coil for the ign. I went through everything I could find in the manual and the only conclusion I could come to was that the cdi was bad. Since I dont know this system I have a hard time telling the guy that it is the [$405] cdi is bad.

And its the stock CDI on the boat.

So please give me any input you have.

Thanks Doug