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    1999 Polaris Genesis no power in water

    Ran perfect in the water last year. Filled it up with gas this year, and idles like crap and won't go above 5000 rpms in the water. Once you bring it on land and start it up, idles fine and revs high. Any suggestions on where to start first?

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    Fuel injected or carbureted Genesis?

    Have you downloaded the 2002 Service Manual?

    Checked compression?
    Spark on all cylinders?

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    I'm checking compression, spark tonight and some other things from the manual.

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    Was your tank full when you put it away for the season ?If not they condensate and make water .This sounds like water in the fuel and the carbs need a clean out .Try this first though .Run the ski at full throttle whilst riding it .Pull the choke out whilst on full throttle let the ski cough and sputter and push it back in as it is about to die .Do this a few times and it may draw the crap out .If not sounds like carb inspection time .You must have the throttle on full whilst you do this or it will only draw throuugh the idle circuit .You need it to draw through the main jets as well.Similar effect to putting hand over carby on vehicle to clean out the jets .



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