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    It's like

    When did the change happen. Oh well.

    Thinking about getting a sportster scic. but I know the sc clutch is an issue on the 4tec motors. Does anyone have one of the boats and have you had to deal with the sc clutch? Or are they a little different on the boats? Just curious if anyone has one of these boats. I would like to get one but don't want to deal with the clutch going out.

    This is the only cool small boat left out there. For the price.

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    the change happened over the weekend.

    There are a few guys with the seadoo sport boats. Have you seen the sport boat section of this forum?

    By the way, a supercharger clutch is a supercharger clutch is a supercharger clutch. They are the same from the skis to the boats.

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    Actually it looks like any fresh out of the box vbulletin site, which happens to be what pwct is using. A little theme work and it'll looking more like our place but for now just get use to it because I have a 10 day vacation starting this friday.

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    10 day vacation. Have fun.

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    I have a 05 S200 with 50 hours on it with no problems. It runs great and has a bunch of mods. It will run 67 with a light load. I wouldn’t worry about the SC clutch too much. The boats don’t come out of the water as much as the skis do. And if it’s about to you’ll know it and then just back half way off the gas. That way it’s easier on the clutch. If you’re going for a new one the 06 has a better set up so I wouldn’t even think twice. Good luck…

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    I have a '05 Sportster SCIC and I don't have the boat in my possession so I can't give an opinion on the SC clutch. I know the boat had dropped a few 100 hundred rpm's before I took it in for a delaminating engine cover (rare occassion) so I want to know where that loss was from. I don't get out of the water as much as a ski, but I do spend my fair share of time jumping out. The boat is only a 15.5 footer so I find myself getting a little crazy in the water. I bought an upgraded clutch kit anyway and will install it once I get my boat back from the dealer.

    The mph or rpm loss may be due to a new impeller. The pump blew out and they repaired it under warranty a while back and the new impeller may be out of cal. So, I have a few checks to do, but all in all...that boat is one fun ride. Pulled 56 mph after break-in in 95 degree heat.
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