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    Dual outlet catch can

    When you install a catch can with 2 outlets to run one back to the intake, what is stopping the oil from leaving the tank and back into the intake or the oil with the pressure/vacuum just skip the can and keep flowing across back into the intake. There is a lot of discussion whether one should use 1 or 2 outlets and I ran mine with one but wonder how effective it would be the other way. I have a Jaz can like Jerry with just one outlet. Im just interested in the science of it staying in the can and not keep going up or across.

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    I made mine from 1 1/2" pvc - the top inlet runs to the bottom - I placed steel wool around the down tube - The outlet - Still on top - breaths the air filtered through the steel wool. Oil collects on the bottom - I ran mine back to the Riva intake with clear lines to see if anything is passing - Lines are clear after about 4 hours riding. I used a cleanout plug for the bottom. Pretty simple and better than the one I bought on E bay.


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    the thing is that my jaz cans outlet run paraller to each other don't know if it would have an affect on it.

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