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    crank disassemble question

    problem disassembly my crank, already remove the left side and the right side pin...the problem, we cant remove the the pin in the center?????help

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    who can help me with the crank im about to throw money if nobody can help me

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    I don't think any of us do our own crankwork!?? it requires special tools! I have watched crankworks disassemble and they use a press with different wedges or a vise and a 5 lb hammer depending on what section they were getting to

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    its easy i tell only problem is the inside....really.....i don't know where the pin afraid i could damage the crank...i wonder why that is not in the

    im the one who do the crank, the machinist do....and he's been doing it for a long time, with others...seados , yami....he only encountered this kind of crank....dont know where to pull or where the pin is...because on seados, youll just pull the web...and the other side cannot...
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    I think it is also just pressed onto the center pin but I don't think it is phased pinned ? I figured disassembly was easy but what are you doing for reassembly? EDIT I just read the rest of your post ! He should just be abble to pull it apart?

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    z....there is no pin in the center, we tried it already........we are still disassembly...pulling it apart to change..the bearings inside... in seados., is right here...the pin is 1 inch in diameter..but this one...very small, and you cant find any pin...even on the other side...

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    wow!! this make sense..... can i see the other part??? il let my machinist create a puller for this!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ZZZZZZZZZZ....

    is this sealion?

    i already pictured this out....but i just want to make crank wont be trashed....
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    no!! lI'm trying to find pics on the net to help u visualize it but thats it for now I'm still digging Z

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    but this is a the polaris crank right? u sure about this z?? the pin is just in the center...where we cant see it the other side of the web? il slep now...its already 11pm here...thnx for the help z....nyt
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