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    Remote control airplanes

    Does anyone have knowledge on these type of planes?

    firebird freedom...

    It is from hobby zone. I was thinking about getting into the hobby a little. Any info would be great.



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    Shoot me a pm w/questions.

    Had 13 of them at one point, still have a couple in the attic

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    I have 60 size & larger engines & Planes. It is a fun hobby. I still have a helicopter 4 planes hanging in the garage. You are smart starting with the less expensive ones. You might be smart to see if someone in your area could help you learn to fly them. They can get expensive to replace.
    Good luck.

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    Cool topic! Watched a guy yesterday at the parish line canal with a helicopter,,always wanted one. That thing was too cool.

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    Helicopters are Cool, just one thing with them is if you do not land softly or a blade strikes the ground, Man what a wreck. When I was flying them a few years ago, The avg. price to fix one when having a blade strike was $150.00 to $200.00 for parts. With a plane, you just fix a wing or fuselage (as long as it was not used as a lawn dart) for about $15.00 worth of materials & covering.

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