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    basic equipment,

    im looking for some kind of list of what i should have on my boat when i go out. what do you guys take (ie) tools,emergency equipment, and so on. i searched but came up short

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    tho its for jet skis here is a pretty good thread that could be some help

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    First off check you state's boating laws.

    But the basics off the top of my head.

    PFDs(life jackets) at least one for every seat in your boat(if you have them already you won't forget later esp if you meet or bring freinds to the lake/ocean)

    Rope. Not just for skiing or wake boarding but also for docking, towing others or being twoed youself.

    First aid kit. You are gonna cut something, espically on a ski based engine, its state law, look it up.

    Collapsable oar or paddle. Good self rescue tool.

    Air horn or flares. (esp if your boat isn't equiped with a horn)

    Basic tool kit. (pliers, crescent, screwdrivers, spark plug wrench)

    I carry most of these items on my ski, so a boat should be no problem.

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    Florida doesn't require much more than a whistle on boat under 16 feet, but I learned the whistle is about worthless if you're really in trouble; get an air horn. Also I learned that a collapsible PWC paddle is nearly worthless on a 16 foot boat. Although I still carry the paddle, I keep a collapsible pole in the ski locker that extends to 8 or 9 feet, cause if it's as shallow as most lakes tend to be where I'm at, you can move a lot faster as a gondolier.

    I've learned that bug spray is important, as are tools such as a small wrench set and screwdrivers, plus a couple of worm clamps. Other essentials I carry are: dive knife, sunscreen, t-shirts, compact but powerful LED flashlight, extra batteries for GPS, flashlight & MP3 player, lighter, bottle of water, several "Payday" candy bars. My newest essential is an extra 12v battery for the boat.

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    The only other item not mentioned above would be a cell phone or marine radio.

    Always be prepared!!!

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