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    Polaris SL 650 triple 11992 Wont start

    I'm new to the sport. Recently purchased a Seadoo SP 96 and a Polaris SL 650. The Polaris wont start. New battery, it does crank and turn over. It does not seem like there is fuel getting to the carbs. The previous owner did not winterize them. I attempted to clean them with carb cleaner, but did not take them apart. Other than that the ski is in mint condition. PLease help. Ive seen stuff on this site about newer models, but not this one.

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    There are a number of SL650 owners around here, and some are 1992 models (the first model year).

    Download the 1992-1998 Service manual, and do some searching and reading on here regarding the common preventative maintenance items on these Fuji engined Polaris PWC.

    It may look mint on the outside, but if it has not been maintained properly, then you have some work to do to get in in good running condition.

    The number one way to damage these engines is to run them without cleaning and checking the entire fuel system, from tank to carbs. Just a few seconds of high speed running with a weak fuel system can seriously damage the engine.

    In your case, it is probably a good thing it won't start (yet). If it did and you just ran it until it failed on the water, you would be here asking about much more expensive repairs!

    Not winterizing is a sign that the fuel system will need cleaning, but even if it was winterized, you still need to go through the fuel system.

    The old fuel lines must be replaced (including those inside the tank), if they have not been done yet. The fuel pump should be upgraded to a triple outlet pump. New filters, water separator, removing the failure prone auto-cock (if yours has one), etc.

    And some other things you should check - I always forget some of the list.
    Most of the upgrades and checks apply to all Fuji engined Polaris; SL and SLT, 650, 750, 780, 1992 through 1996...

    Search, read, learn, do, and ask questions!

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