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    Polaris SLT 780 misses at low speed


    I have a problem that I can't quite figure out. I rebuilt the carbs on my 97 SLT 780 and I have a miss at low speed, but when the high speed jets open up, it runs like a dream.

    It is also hard to start when hot, which was never a problem before. I have to pump the throttle while riding the starter and it finally kicks over. It starts right up when it is cold. It sounds like it may be flooding, but I set the low speed and high speed jet exactly the same. I have dialed down the low speed settings 1/8 at a time, but it does not seem to make any difference. Is this a pop off problem and how do I figure out which one or ones are set wrong? Thanks for any advice.

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    Put the screws at stock settings and go from there. If its blubbering at lo speed you maybe to rich. (even stall). READ PREVIOUS POSTS!!!

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    Well, I put the low speed screws back to stock setting, and then moved in at 1/8 turn at a time. It did not seem to make any difference to the low to mid range throttle setting. The miss seemed to stay the same.

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    Perhaps the spark plug wires need to be trimmed at the plug ends. Sometimes the wire ends get frayed inside, and don't make good contact.

    Cut 1/4" from each wire, and re-attach.
    There are other threads detailing how to do this.

    If this fixes the miss, you might discover more power right across the RPM range!

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    Are ther carbs dripping fuel when you look into them while running?
    Maybe the needle isn't seating...

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