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    99 Ultra

    I am new to the forum here at Green Hulk as well as jetskis and have found many of the threads very helpful. I picked up a 99 Ultra 150 last weekend and have been out on it twice. Love the machine. Does any have an electronic manual for this specific ski? I know I use to have a PDF manual for the motocross bikes I use to race. Few more things... what is a good website to pick up aftermarket parts? Good place to sell aftermarket parts? Finally I was coming in yesterday and my ski started bogging down as soon as I would hit 3000 rpms. I am still in the break in period but haven't gone over 5,000 rpms in the first 3 hours. Any ideas? My gas light was blinking and I tried to switch over to reserve but it didn't make a difference. Went to advance auto parts and installed a new puralator inline fuel filter. What else could it be? Thanks and sorry for all the questions.


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    Look in your hull and see of your out of gas. Also look for a cracked fuel line.

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    It has a rev limiter if it's low on gas or overheating or low on oil. Its so you don't run out and ruin the motor.

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    Here is the manual. Ultra 150 Manual

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