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Thread: P2102 Error

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    P2102 Error

    What should I look for? How do I fix it? The book says something about pressure switch? Any ideas?

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    Are you talking about the P1202 Error Code? I was getting that my last ocean ride so on Friebe's advise I bought a new OSPS sensor switch and while removing the old one the wire pulled out of the AMP plug. Rather than buy a $400 engine harness i got a very small female spade terminal, removed the remaining pieces of the corroded metal from the single pin AMP plug, drilled a hole thru the AMP plug and inserted my newly created wire w/ the small female spade connector crimped and shrink tubed on the end of it and gooped it inside the AMP plug after I attached it to the small male spade pin on the new OSPS switch. Basicall hardwired the wire to the switch/sensor. I did put a disconnect the wire outside of the AMP plug. Haven't tested it yet but I think it will work fine, assuming that the switch or the corroded wire was causing my error code. Worst case scenario would be limp home mode when I test it Saturday. I'll stay close to shore till I'm certain it's ok. Kind of a long reply, I know. Steve said every time he's seen this code that the switch was the culprit. Sounds good to me.
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    But I am not sure where to find this sensor/swithc. Where is it?

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    It's below the T.O.P.S. valve at the front of the engine near the oil filler tube. The AMP plug connected to it has only one contact in it.

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