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    too good to be true?

    on craigslist in my town there is a 2002 yamaha xl 1200 for sale. he says there are a few visual blemishes but runs perfect. he later states that the trim sometimes has problems. but i have read that many skis have trim problems... and he only wants 2700 for it. is it too good to be true. if i go look at it i will check compression, and the intake grate and stuff... but is that what they go for? it books for 5-6

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    does sound fishy

    but 5 k sounds like alot.

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    Ask for a test ride.

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    so i looked up the values... has it book from 4800-5400
    kbb wholesale is 3175
    kbb retail value is 4620

    one thing i did notice of why it might be cheap is it doesnt look like it comes with a trailor. i can see in the picture that there is a jet ski next to it on the trailor. so maybe he thinks that is a good price for one without a trailor with broken trim

    i originally wanted to get a older 2 seater like a 900 zxi, but i saw this and i guess its worth a look.

    theres the link
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    Depends on what the trim problem is. I've had to replace the cables in both of my 2001 XLT 1200's. They were rusted stuck.

    How many hours on the ski?

    2,700 doesn't sound too "crazy" without a trailer and high hours. Maybe he doesn't know what he can get for it?

    Test it out, ride it... if he has the clean title in his name, buy it. If anything is fishy, walk away!

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    book values dont mean too much, it all depends on what they go for in your area. im not sure who would pay $5-$6k on that, i know i wouldnt. As far as the trim issues it should cost to much to fix since Yamahas are manual. The people might just need to unload it but be sure to check the compression and everything else.
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    That boat would go for 5K down here easy if in good condition

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    Check compression and test ride it. It may idle fine on the trailer, but in the water it maybe a different story. I have a '02 for sale $4500 with a single trailer down here in NC- its about the going rate. Thats a good deal if its clean/runs good/not too many hours.

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    I bought a 2004 xlt for alot more with 200+ hours including a trailer and it ran great for about 6 months and developed a idle problem that I am still working on. If I had paid $2,700 I would not feel bad about putting a new engine in it or spending a bunch of money on a rebuild.

    Looks like the same hull as my 2004 and it is a fun ride. You never know what will happen or how it was really maintained. Spokane is far from the ocean so it could be a fresh water only ski. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me, have you looked at it in person?

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    i havent looked at it yet because he hasnt responded to my email yet.

    on another note i was looking for a 2 seater older one just to mess around with. would this even compare to the tippyness of lets say a 96 900 zxi or a polaris slx? because i dont want something thats too much like a boat.

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