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Thread: Iowa Tornado

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    Iowa Tornado

    May 25th an F5 tornado hit very close to home for me. Many co-workers, friends and aquantinces lost their homes around 7:00 PM Here are some photos of the damage and a video from a bank ATM that has not yet been recovered. Parkersburg, IA lost gas station, high school, bank, and more than 200 homes. Unfortunately this tornado took the lives of a total 6 people, 4 in Parkersburg. These photos say a lot but guys, if you see it in person there is nothing like it- ever. I cannot describe how much my heart sank to see over 220 homes destroyed.. just unblievable.

    Video of home from ATM:

    Link to photos :

    I have been busy all week cleaning up the wreckage. This tornado traveled only 10 miles to the north of my house, Thank God it didn't take more lives that it did. Youtube you can find some stormchaser vids and aftermath videos. there's also an overhead video from a helicopter the next day I believe. Thanks for reading hope you enjoy.


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    Amazing the power they have, and so much destruction so fast.

    Prayers to your coworkers and anyone who lost their lives

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pettee View Post
    Prayers to your coworkers and anyone who lost their lives

    also to the people without homes or electricity.

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    Ben, I sat here in Cedar and wondered why they didn't tell the people in Cedar Falls and Waterloo to head south,that sucker was running west to east just north of 20. When the next cluster was heading for us...I took a little drive down towards IC.Figured if it turned into one like you had up there,I didn't have nothing worth staying home for. Glad you are safe,It made a hell of a mess,you can see pictures,but till you see the damage first hand you really don't grasp it. Tornados are nothing to laugh at, they don't play fair.

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