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    Riva Exhaust, Shorty Waterbox, Rude.

    Another Sea Doo rider told me that he has the Green Hulk Shorty Waterbox, coupler, and the riva exhaust tip on his ski. I was thinking about putting the Riva Rear Exhaust kit on the back of my 2006 RXP but the other guy said he would rather do the Shorty Waterbox thing. What is the difference b/w the Waterbox and the Riva Exhaust kit? I would like for my ski to be very loud w/ a deep roar to it, going down the lake. Will the Waterbox give me that sound better than the Riva Exhaust kit? Can somebody tell me about Rude? I cant find any information about this. I'm new at this stuff so thinks for all your help...

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    i prefer the gutted waterbox, and riva thru hull it'll give ya a nice growl.......also a rude sc is a nice touch, lol, if u like the earpiercing whistling

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    I have the shorty water box, and it is plenty loud. Has a real nice tone too it also.

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    I think when he says Rude he's referring to the exhaust tip kit.. It's very similar to Riva's rear exhaust kit, just doesn't come with a pipe. You don't need a pipe if you go with the shorty box. Another option is the newly released Gibson muffler. You don't need the Riva rear exhaust pipe for that option either. Unless you buy the complete Riva kit, you'll need a coupler to connect whatever you choose to the exhaust outlet tip.

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    If loud is what you want then go with the Greenbox....The Greenbox also lets you remove the SC without having to disassemble the exhaust system.Also the greenbox cleans up the engine compartment quite well..
    If you get the greenbox your gonna have to buy the exhaust tip kit..That includes the tip,and OEM exhaust blockoff...You will also need to get a silicone coupler...

    With the Riva if you want loud your gonna have to gut your waterbox...Also with the Riva if you ever need to pull your SC your gonna have to disasemble your exhaust each time...I have both the greenbox on my ski and the riva on my wifes ski with a gutted box..They both are loud...But The convienance and accessabilty of the greenbox is much better....

    If your refering to Rude as in exhaust tip,i would definatly go with that one..It has a nice bling effect to it.I have both riva and rude and love the way the rude looks over the riva....
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