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    New Orleans

    Anyone ride- know New Orleans area??

    Planning a trip up the big ditch from Houston to New Orleans after Mud Bug.
    Just came back from 3 day Hou- Lake Charles trip.
    Looking for Info???
    Gas stops-? Intercoastal City- Morgan City--??
    B & B on water or hotels we can overnight and tie up ski's in water?
    Will they let us (PWC) through locks into Mississippi??
    Any places to ride in NO-- ?? up down big river??


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    You're asking about the MS River? Thats not a recreational riding spot....Im from New Orleans and I was almost always in Lake Ponchartrain.
    I never road in Morgan City though. I imagine there's some good swamp riding down that way sure Greenhulk can reflect on that one!

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    Don't think the Mississippi River is a good idea. They dont call it Cancer alley for nothing. Lake Ponchartrain is okay but really no places to stop to eat or grab a beer since Katrina. However it is Huge. Check out the Prop Stop, near NOLA(30 Min.) on the Tickfaw River.

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