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    What is the Approximate cost to do a conversion ski? I have a running '03 1300R. I just wanted to know some type of dollar figure before even considering. I live in ohio, wont get to use ski as much anyway llke I did when I lived in Florida.

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    If you go with a donor RXP then an approximate cost would be how much you pay for the RXP plus a $200 waterbox plus a $250 driveshaft mod + however much the stainless motor mounts and other custom parts (midshaft bracket, MPEM bracket) cost minus whatever you sell the leftover RXP and GPR parts for.

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    Pretty much what fizzle says.


    -$1000 conversion parts
    -deduct whatever you can sell from the RXP and GPR.

    Stir until well cooked, and you finish picking the smc out of your hands. Bingo, 80mph.

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