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    Kawasaki 1200cc question Ultra/Stxr experts

    My bud hit a rope with his 2002 Kawasaki STXR going full throttle. The rope was 3/8" diameter and about 6 feet long. Stopped the motor dead.

    Currently the motor starts up but as the throttle is applied, it gives a hell of a knocking noise. Sounds real bad. Before, it was running awesome.

    All cylinders are reading 120psi. The motor starts up fine. The pump is disconnected from the motor.

    Any ideas. I am thinking counterbalancer problem.

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    through hull pump bearings are shot.....

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    If the pump is disconnected then it shouldnt be turning anything. Did you slide the pump shaft back??

    When you fire it up where is the knocking coming from...there rear the front or right in the motor.

    Is it vibrating really bad??

    I would check the pump and prop as well for play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Region8Ultra250X View Post
    through hull pump bearings are shot.....
    Motor not turning shaft or pump. Disconnected.

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    Mabe twisted crank?

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    Quote Originally Posted by btldigger View Post
    Mabe twisted crank?
    That's what I thought but I didn't think it would start. It was bound up though.

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