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    Flushing salt water - Waverunner III 650. How?

    Hi everybody,
    Could you telle me how do you flush salt water out of the waverunner after riding in the sea?
    I don't find where hook up flush hose, I need some picture that explains me.

    Best regards

    P.S. Excuse me for my English

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    Please help me,
    There is nobody that have a waverunner III 650 year 1992?
    Best regards and thank you in advanced

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    is your craft similar to the VXR?

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    Hi Iowan,
    I don't know the wxr 650. My watercraft is exatly like this.
    I found this image, I think that I must hook up the flush hose across the element that in the picture is number 20. Do you think that it's true?
    Best regards and thank you

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