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Thread: fuel troubles

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    fuel troubles

    1999 slx 1050,I have just went complete thru my carbs,went very well,did a compression check,compession is fine,tank is full of fresh fuel,cleaned filter,and when I crank the engine over,I cant get any fuel to be pushed thru the system at all,any help out there?

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    double check your lines. I hooked pump and pulse wrong one time

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    you can get a vaccum guage for cheap, then take the line off the fuel pickup intake line and see if its sucking while cranking over. I suppose you could feel it by putting your finger over the hose too. I had this problem and funny enough I switched the fuel intake line with the return line at the fuel pickup, and it worked perfectly!... So switch those lines up at the pickup just to be sure (I'm not sure if there are designated intake, return, and air valve fittings on the fuel pickup - maybe somebody will chime in..)

    This info might be redundant but:

    -Double check those pulse lines, there are two of them and they go from the engine block to the two fuel pumps located on the backs of the MAG and PTO carbs.

    -make sure the fuel selector valve is turned to on

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    Quote Originally Posted by sea~smith View Post
    ...I'm not sure if there are designated intake, return, and air valve fittings on the fuel pickup...
    The fuel tank fittings are specific.
    The fuel return fitting doesn't reach down to the bottom of the tank.
    The intake fitting that feeds to the fuel pump does draw from the bottom of the tank, and the air vent doesn't reach down inside the tank.

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