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    Fx1 Problem with Moisture

    I have a stock 94 fx1 (701 61x). I bought the ski last August and have not had a single problem with it until now. After I ride for awhile my starter clicks. Then after 2 to 30 minutes the things fires up and runs great. After it fires up and I take it to shore, it has more then normal water inside. I need a ski that is dependable and this problem is killing me!!!!!!!.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    A couple of things come to mind: Might want to replace the starter solenoid, thats far cheaper than the starter itself, although a weak battery can do simular things. Look for a cooling line leak after checking the hood seals for good sealing.(that can let extra water in on a standup). One other place is the pump shaft seal,(intermediate shaft bearing seal) can leak water into the boat too. You can check that by leaving ski in water and seeing if the water gets deeper inside. A cooling line can do that too though, and so can a loose nut on the steering cable seal on the hull.

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    on a ski that old its prob leaking water from the bulkhead bearing carrier
    i just had to replace mine on 1 of my sjs
    check out
    more standupers there

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