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Thread: 03 GTX upgrades

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    03 GTX upgrades

    I am wanting to upgrade my 03 GTX-SC and have only a R&D intake grate on it. I was wondering where I'd be able to pick up a RXT ECU? And about how much will it run me?

    I got the GTX last summer and have been pleased with it thus far, but I just wanna build a sweet ski and it seems like a RXT ECU is a good way to start. Then maybe an intercooler and I'll be in business. Thanks for any help!

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    Yes, it's possible. I believe you need a 2004-2005 ECU. RXP or RXT will work. Try a search for "gtx sleeper" by yellow jacket for more info. Pretty much all mods for an RXT can be done to the GTX SC. You have to watch out though not to push much more than 215 hp before upgrading to the SCIC forged pistons.

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    I understand you cannot add a stage 3 supercharger (boost), but you can go up to that point (Greenwheel) in the 185 hp skis because of the pistons.

    Search "gtxsc" and read all the posts several times. It is amazing how much info is here, AND how much is overlooked.

    Read my signature for my current mods...I am also adding the following (In order listed) without upgrading the pistons:

    RXT driveshaft, impeller (14/19r) and ss wear ring
    XS intercooler kit (from JFizzleJr)
    RXP ECU & knock sensor update with GTX fuel pressure upgrade
    Possible Greenbox and thru-hull exhuast

    Some of these mods can be swapped to a RXT (Some even to a RXP) when I decise to upgrade powerplants.

    PM me if you have any questions and remember to search. --jeremy

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    Check your pm's
    pump wedge, riva power air filter kit and opas clips wouldn't hurt your performance

    free mods- fill ride plate holes & trim reverse bucket/ gate after wedge installed. I heard, but havent tried removing the flame arrester screen from the intake manifold.

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    Do a 4" intake, gut the waterbox, remove the extra resonator on the starboard side, greenwheel, and you might need the RXP fuel pump and regulator.

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    I have a gutted box and 58 psi fuel reg that you would need for 215 ecu that i can let go of very cheap.

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    get a metal pump to replace that plastic one cold air intake green wheel wedge rxp ecu 04-05, reprop,i/c, over drive gear the list can go on look at my list the best thing to do is sell it and but a used rxt put a riva stage I and green wheel i have 3200 in parts and most were bought used but once u get started and get to the point of no return u end up like me

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