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    This site is a bad influence

    So it started off i was looking for info on my 06 seadoo GTI. I needed to replace the warering and change the oil. I found everything i was looking for and much more. Next i started lurking around the different areas of this forum untill i ended up here.

    After a few days of reading and getting brainwashed i ended up coming home saturday night with a bran spankin new FX-SHO cruiser... WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DAM this site !!!! I sooo have to blame you all for adding to my happiness and big ole huge grin on my mug . At least now ill have a place to check out and post after a day of rideing. Ill also not feel like a lurker snooping around the Yamaha forum, I belong now...lololol

    First impression of my FX SHO wow frigging wow....
    That sliver is FAST!!!! well as much as it could be in breakin period. Hardest thing was spending half a day looking for a DAM fire ext... i swear every store i went in was out.

    Anyhow im glad to be part of this forum and have a place i can share info if needed.

    Peace , Andreas

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    Welcome to the GH forums.

    You ain't done yet...

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    Glad we could help spread the addiction!!

    Should we expect to see you and the shiny new boat at the Bug???

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    welcome to the forum and congrats on the new ski

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    I know what you mean!!! Now I have to blame HULK for all the money I am fixing to give Riva this summer on top of my new SHO!!!

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    Thanks for the warm welcome ........
    I still cant stop grining from all the

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