I know this may be out of the norm, so flame away!! lol

I recently bought my 96XP and have decided that it's a lil too small for me. In respect to having riders. I'm 6"4" and it's damn near imposible to have a rider with me and stay somewhat stable. I'd be interested for a straight up trader for a bigger ski in comprable shape that woudl be more rider friendly.

It's in really great shape for it's age. No tears in the seat, runs strong. Previous ovner says the motor had been rebuilt. I have nothing to prove this. But it appears to have new gaskets all over, and starts right up each time. It does bog a lil if you mash the gas from a stand still. I'm not very knowledgable about carbs, so it may be an adjustment. You can only notice it if you mash the gas from a dead start to WOT.

VTS works fine.

Just replaced the fuel float with the upgrade. Replaced the grey fuel lines, with Napa black ones. Cleaned the filters in the carbs, and replaced the inline fuel filter after line replacement. Replaced the pump cone with the anti-rattle cone. And changed the fluid. Pulled th epump last week to do an inspection. Impeller is mint looking, and gap is well with in tollerance on the wear ring.

Speedo and VTS gauge don't work. I never used them, and don't miss them, so i never bothered to replace them. The sending units work, just not the gauges. Multi function gauge works perfect, and looks new!

No corrosion whatsoever!

PM me if seriously interested, and i'll send some pics. I'm located in Va Beach. And would like to try to do this locally.