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    Can you swap 01 Pump into an 03 GPR?

    Friend of mine bought an 03 GP1300R with a custom paint job. The previous owner also did a custom paint job on his ride plate, intake grate, pump tunnel, pump, impeller, exit nozzle and drive shift. The paint is the consistience of powder coat. It has a 2" spacer on the pump. His top speed is about 45 mph, and very sluggish acceleration. I took it out and it sounded like something was clogging his pump, and I discovered the paint everywhere.
    The ride plate looked very short because of the pump extension and I was wondering if 2003 GPR had a different stock ride plate?

    Can I unbolt my whole 2001 Pump assembly, drive shaft and all, bolt it to his 03 to see if it improves his overall performance?

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    Yes - both pumps would have the 30" drive shafts.

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