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Thread: True or False?

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    True or False?

    ON a 2003 GTX SC for sale, saw this:

    "$1,200 in pump upgrades to include a stainless steel insert the length of the pump. This eliminates the cheap teflon wear ring and it stiffens the pump and eliminates flex when under high loads at fast speeds. A Skat Track Swirl Impellor was added and a stainless steel "oil bath" cone was also added to protect the bearings properly. The stock method only uses grease in a sealed area. They always leak and eventually the impellor bearings fail."

    Is this true or BS? The ski looks like a good deal for $5,000, but not sure if this is even true.

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    EZ Dock of Long Island Shibby1485's Avatar
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    that stuff is true.... but i think the monetary value claim is a bit off @ 1200 bucks

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    Cool to see another person from Orange County on here.

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    If the upgrades mean that it is a Skat-Trak pump, $1,200 is about right. I've had many Skat-Trak pumps and not one of them has ever leaked into the hub area, but maybe I've been lucky.

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