recently stole this cherry been in the garage since 94 speedster for 3K$ the owner was told by the shop the motor needed replacing. one of the cyl had 95lb comp while other 3 had 125 lb.
this boat only had 40-50 actual hours on it and after several conversations with its previous owner i came to the conclusion motor should not b the problem. previous owner liked to fish & drink he did not use boat like it was meant 2b Because of his lack of driving it seems he washed out the rings in that one cyl
I got the comp back up by pouring marvel myst oil on top of the piston put 4 new plugs in it it fired right up & sounded good as new
igot to the lake and it seemed to die on one motor(the one that had low compression) however when i got it home comp was still125 on all 4
I took it out again the next day this time Ididnt freak when the motor died I just restarted feathered the gas a little and it seemed to catch up & run fine the longer it ran the better it ran. took out next day same result after15-20 min it ran great never died at any speeds. HERE ARE the questions how long should it take 2 warm up what could b causing low speed stall & can leaving key on cause ignition problems anyone know how 2 adj fuel /oil mix? thanks!