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    Pics of Riva Rear intake on my X, BOV, and gauges too..

    decided to try out the Riva rear intake on my X, actually ended up fitting with very slight mods. A lot of patience with the old heat gun and some trimming and rotating of the charge pipes and she slid right in. While I was at it I decided to go ahead and add a Forge blow off beings the charge hoses had to be cut anyways. The only additional parts i needed were 1 silicone couple and a small piece of pipe.. The only issue I didnt take 100% care of was the overflow tank, I'm removing mine anyways so I didn't really care to rectify that you cant completely seat it down till it snaps, its shy about 1/8th of an inch. It could be easily fixed by heating and massaging the overflow container a bit. Did a custom shorty waterbox, rear exit exhaust, boost, and wideband gauges at the same time. Just getting her ready for future mods..... The end of the intake, where the intercooler used to be on the older models can easily be drilled and tapped, plenty of meat there for a 1/8th inch NPT hole.

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    small vid of the rear exit...

    <embed width="448" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src="">

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    Looks good.. so you just bought a regular rear intake and tweeked it to fit into the X? Nice job..

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    nice job, looks real good. i need to know more about the exhaust..(looks like a nice clean shop too..)

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    Now that is some neat engineering on that rear air. I have stared at mine for a long time and did not think that could be done. Ah hello Riva send me a RXP rear air kit. Very nice job. Other than the piping up top--any other tricks?

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    That is very impressive install.
    I still dont know how you got it to fit.

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    anyone can do the intake, its not that big of a deal. if your willing to take the time to test fit the main intake and mold it little by little its really not hard. get the main intake piece on and then worry about the charge tubes. on the small tube if you had no BOV you would need to just cut about 3-4 inches out of the middle and stick a piece of stainless in there with a couple hose clamps so you could rotate it. the longer tube really just need to be extended, as you can see i put a new coupler on the intercooler and a 3-4 inch piece of stainless in there to give me the space i needed. trust me if it was too hard i woulda abandoned the idea because im planning on moving the intercooler anyways for the turbo kit i'm doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 08255 View Post
    nice job, looks real good. i need to know more about the exhaust..(looks like a nice clean shop too..)
    the waterbox is just a gutted, shortened stock box that the exit was relocated to the rear. this is a pic of the first test fit, i actually ended up cutting the exit pipe off and making a much more severe mandrel bend that went much higher up into the area around the footwells.
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    what about the exhaust hose to the resonator (or free flow)... I dont think im seeing it in the photos?

    lol nevermind, just saw the video...nice work

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    Very Cool =d> =d>

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