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    had my 250x in shop 4 times still suffers same problem no one seems to know how to fi

    i have an 07 kawasaki 250x it has major problems. at first i start it up and it runs and then as soon as i hit the throttl it completely shuts off!! i mean it will turn off the display and everything. so i have to push the key in and try again and it will do it again and again. if i kepp trying it will start to idle really high at idle like 4000 i dont know what the heck its doing and all the mechanics i have had it to havent done a thing to solve it. please tell me you guys know what it is. much apreciated any advice. thanx

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    is there more you aren't telling us?

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    get them to put it on the kds, sounds like a dodgy computer.

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    I agree with jet, itis either the computer or there is a short somewhere in the electrical system.

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    Water & Electrical dont mix. You have water damage in the electrical system that needs to be addressed. Ask Skip, I think he mentioned something about this in another thread.

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    ddh my 07 was doing the same thing, checked everything, ended up being the fuel pump, should have 43lbs mine was at 13lbs. put new pump in and was good to go.

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    welcome to my life

    this was happening to me since the day i bought the ski. after many replacements there was still no answer, but i fixed mine (b/c kawi voided my warrenty (search some of my posts on this topic)) and found that there was a loose connection in the wire harnes, taking aparts all connectios did not work but apparently in the early models like mine, in the fron right hand corner of the ski there is a bunfle of whires that were jery rigged from the factory, you can find it easily b/c it looks like a monkey ripped some wires apart and bound them all together and just put tape around them to hide it. undo the take and check all connections and correct any breaks, the other thing i did was tape, tighten and secure the fuse holder on the side of the ecu panel in front of ski, just to make sure that would not become a problem. I have not had any problems since, No thanks to kawasaki. hope this helps some, and i am sorry you are having problems i know it is a bummer and feels like it will ruin your summer but don't let it keep you down, there are tons of super nice and super smat guys here that are usually willing to help. just keep posting and feel free to contact me if i can help

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    Quote Originally Posted by smothie View Post
    ddh my 07 was doing the same thing, checked everything, ended up being the fuel pump, should have 43lbs mine was at 13lbs. put new pump in and was good to go.
    Interesting, I recall Jwilson recently and I am paraphrasing, its only a matter of time till the crap out. Might be time to look in depth at his new fuel pump install.

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