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    R&D fuel controller 215RXP model, on 255RXP-X ?? Why not?

    This unit just intercepts the ecu signal to the injectors and widens or shortens the pulsewidth correct? It is meant to be used on high stage 2&3 kits or is it not? I b ought a 215rxp model for my GPRXP, but am wanting to use it on my rxp-x now for the time being anyway.

    Has anone tried this, or know for certain weather it will work or not? I have a wide band 02 hooked up, so I'm not too woried, if something doesnt work right, i'll know right away from the 02 readings...

    Has anyone used this type of device with larger injectors? 42lb. 50lb. larger? If so I am all set.

    Just my understanding of how this device works makes me think it should work fine, a rxp-x is just a stage2ish rxp anyway right? Im trying some exhaust and intake mods, so thinking I'll want to richen it up, and since I already have this, sure would be the easiest way.

    Any and all input is appreciated, Thanks guys. I may just go try it, and let u know what happens.
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