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    White Smoke 4-Tec

    Just checked out at 2003 NA 4-Tec. Great shape and 39 hours. Fired it up and white smoke - a lot - from the exhaust. Looked like a bad two-stroke. Ran it for about two minutes on the hose and the smoke never reallly went away.

    It has been sitting a long time and the oil level looked a bit high. Could those cause this?

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    not really caused by high oil.
    if it was winterized, or stored properly, the engine was fogged, and that could cause alot of white smoke the first time it was restarted.
    also antifreeze in the cooling lines/exhaust could burn off if it wasnt run on a hose. and even steam can form in the exhaust and can look kinda smokey.
    you really gotta run it on the water, aka test run for 15 minutes to warm it up and burn off all teh residuals.
    it could be a leak in the closed loop cooling system, that is allowing antifreeze into the combustion chambers, burning off and forming white smoke.
    look at the coolant bottle is it real low??
    its gonna be hard to tell if this is an actual problem without running it at least a few hours...
    my bet is it is just smokey from storage and will burn clean after 15 minutes of good riding.
    how old is the gas , was it stabilized? if not you want to pump out as much as you can and refill with fresh gas, use the old stuff in your lawnmower
    a dealer could do a leakdown test on the engine block and tell you if its got a bad gasket, but they will charge probably 50-100 dollars.
    find out how it was stored...

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    Mine did the same when I got them and had been stored for about 18 mths. Yours run ok on the hose but smoke and had about 1/2 tank of gas. But ran like crap in the water over 4000rpm here was the fix!
    Fuel Injecter cleaner (Pep Boys) in a fresh tank of gas and NEW spark plugs. Also check the battery and connections, get under ski and check that the pumps clear, wear ring and impeller.

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