Hi, ---75$ FIRM---

I offer it in case somebody would search for a good and reasonable used marine CD player, everything is functionning top shape, it came out of my BRP Challenger 180 2005 jetboat, as i installed a high performance kit with 5 speakers an amplifier and a remote controller unit. It was never splashed as it was mounted inside the boat glove compartment. The unit gives a nice crisp and clear sound, and with the Z-Enhancer bass boost is ok, nothing to shake your boat out, but a very decent unit.

It includes the detachable face, the case for it, and the metal tray to install it.

Specs are 4x50W
CD player AM-FM
Pre-out for adding an amplifier
Backlighted in white
Equalizer presets built-in

At 75$ for a nice perfectly working marine unit.....i think it's reasonable, i accept Paypal (no fee's to add).

Let me know if interested...!