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    2004 1300 exhaust parts

    Exhaust u-pipe, stinger part, exhaust manifold (48 hrs-on them) $300 shipped. I'll even throw in a rideplate and a intake grate for free.

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    Also FS: gp1300r ECU
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    pm sent

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    wow thats a touch rude ..

    i saw your exhaust stuff still for sale and as i have had two other big items off you and got a good deal and was treated very well by you i thought give you a pm asking for a price for stuff shipped,

    the guys put me right and pointed out the 04 exhaust ring joint was diffrent from the 05 so i checked your profile and saw you had not logged on since i asked for price so sent you a nice pm saying sorry dont need and glad you never picked up pm and wasted time getting price for me.

    short stoppin again aren't we,(posted by speedster_inc) some guys asked me whats happend and why this guy is burning me on forum..

    my explanation; ater buying a set of throttle bodies and front cover and flywhhel windings ect off speedester last year i ask for a price for a large ammount of stuff off him posted to me items include all electics ecu and full exhaust system to put away for a future build,he came back to me with a price and the shipping was too high(not his or my fault just one of those things thats out of our hands) i declined and assumed this is why he has publicly posted and what you guys have seen..

    i will say he was a top guy to deal with and got my stuff to me in record time and in great condition,

    i asked for a price and not your hand in marrige,things happen, things change, sorry you felt the need to have a blast at me you could of just posted stuff still for sale and took it as a bump on your items....

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    Sorry, hydro.... for the mis understanding. The message was intended to be a pm to another associate who wanted to post it on ebay for me but never came through. Once again i apologize.

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