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    04 kaw ultra150 charging system

    Anyone have any suggestions on what to check on an 04 Kawasaki Ultra 150 that has a low battery flashing anytime it is at idle? It goes away after acceleration.

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    Check all the connections from the battery out first. Then start through the test procedures for the voltage regulator and stator. When was the last time the battery was replaced?

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    Not to be funny but I suggest you don't spend alot of time idling.LOL Seriously its normal all of them do that. At idle it doesn't generate enough electricity so the light flashes.

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    True...........I don't spend much time idling. I replaced the battery last season and it still continued to do it. And now, I have to replace the battery again this season. Thanks for your help guys. I'll get started on test procedures. Hopefully, you're right, and it's all normal and I'll be good to go. Thanks again.
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