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    Hope this doesn't happen at Mudbug2

    Man that's eery the way they were talking about the gators acting.

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    Wow, thats crazy!

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    I hope the ski was alright.

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    If it were me, I would be wishing for my arm and leg back that I sold for my mods so that I could beat those gators away from chomping at my sponsons!

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    Riding the St Johns river here in Central Florida, gators are as common as mosquitoes. On any given day literly hundreds can be counted, and some are every bit 14 feet long. I had one big guy get under my ski and partially lift it out of the water while riding down a narrow cypress tree lined creek off the main river ! One time my ski got overheated and stuck in one of the lakes. Gators circled the ski until it cooled down enough to get going again. You learn to live with them. They seem more curious than aggressive.....most times !

    Anyone trailering their ski to Fl, who wants to go on a "gator encounter" let me know. I will give you a guided tour.


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    lol, that sounds tempting rich, but i think i'll keep all of my limbs.

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