I've got a like new (maybe 2 hrs on it) 17/25 swirl that literally looks like it just came out of the box. $125

I also have 2 other modified Skat swirls. One is a 14/25 and the other is a 15/24. They have have been cut down a little to sit closer to an 8 vane stator. They need to be run with the shorter nujet spacer. Also the snout has been shortened a bit. They are both rebends from Impros. Looking for $30 ea. on those. They are in acceptable to decent shape.

I also have a 17/23 or 24 that has been bent also. This one is not shortened at all and came off of a modified 1200 w/ a single pipe. It should be good for a 1200 with 92 domes and cdi. Looking for $50 for this one.