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Thread: handlebar ?

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    handlebar ?

    Ok so I have seen the thread in the faq, regarding keeping the stock trim etc with aftermarket bars. My question is it seems you need some sort of adapters to run the aftermarket handlerbars with stock steering. Is there a thread the details what is required to mount the bars, or does anyone know off hand where the items required can be purchased?

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    No adaptors needed as long as the new bars are 7/8" bars.. They bolt right up under the same stock clamps.

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    Width height issues

    What is the width of the stock bars? I know I have read of issues with bars when they are too wide for the cover to fit over and problems where the cable for trim and throttle do not reach.

    I was thinking of ordering some Fly bars from here:

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    I run Fly bars I have the fat bar which does require adapters. I use the ATV style which most here do, CR bend seems to be the preference. I used Moose adapters for the ATV to go to the fat bar, they required a little mod to make them work but well worth it.

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